In 999 Geen Dienst Studio, we appreciate the power of words, and the power of arts. We are cooperating with publishers and writer to produce books hoping to spread more creativity and good ideas among people.
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New film, coming Soon

Taha is the name of our first feature film production, a step we were planning for it a while ago already, for more info please go Documentaries and films

Performing Now

After performing our plays 25/11 and The Trend, we are not getting ready for 2 tours, in the Netherlands and in Europe.
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999 Geen Dienst Studio

More arts to create

Our Story:

A dream of a refugee “Tommy Sherif”, who arrived in the Netherlands in 2014; at first he was searching for a refuge, a new start, a new home. Afterward, he started to continue his journey and persuade his dream of creating more art.

The journey started in 2008 in Egypt, studying theater and filmmaking, learning new skills, and developing himself. 

In 2019 he started our foundation 999 Geen Dienst Studio, a Dutch word that means “999 no service studio” and there is a funny story behind the name that is only revealed in “Tommy’s stories”. The dream that started more than a decade ago, found a place to become real in 2019, the foundation started in the Netherlands, and in the short period between 2019 and 2021 – including more than a year of pandemic and lock down – 999 Geen Dienst Studio could achieve big leaps and still more to come. 


Our Values

Our values are simple, deep, and important. We believe that art is a message, if it’s a theater piece or a story to tell, or a film, a documentary, or any other form of art; there must be a message behind that. 

It can be the message behind the artistic work is just to entertain people, and we are not against that. However, we prefer to give a deeper level when we create art, but that doesn’t mean that our work is complicated; in contradiction with that, our work is always easy and simple and direct, but always gives the audience something to think about, either something that exists already but they didn’t look at it, or some new idea to think about. 

We make different arts, not to just be different, but more to be unique and because we believe that: art is a message. 

Our Target:

We have a lot of targets, dreams and wishes. However, we have general three targets:


1- Build bridges between the sects of society. 

2- Develop the new talents, and give them platforms and chances to express their arts. 

3- Create arts that can go to all the sects of the society, not a typical target audience. 


Contact us: [email protected]

chamber of commerce number (KVK nummer): 74016822