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Written by: Tommy Sherif

The Eternal story between the Dictator and the Rebel

The play is metaphorically representing the eternal story of the relation between the Dictator and the Rebel. 
Motivation pushes the Rebel forward to continue the revolution against the dictator and end the injustice. Corruption is secretly trying to stop the revolution and meanwhile with his dirtywork he is supporting the Dictator. 
The play is based on 100% true stories. These stories might seem so sad, or so dark comedy, so ridiculous or even so unbelievable, but the truth is not always pleasant. 
The play is going now in a tour in the Netherlands and Europe.

The Trend

Written by: Tommy Sherif 

Is it better now or before?

The social media has become a part of our daily lives, it became a part of our routine, and it is spread in all the lives aspects. 
Life wasn't always like that. However, there is a question: Is it better now or it was better in the 70s, 80s, and 90s? 
Misho and Kisho are two friends who look like they came from different time. However, they are trying to know the answers of that question.