Since we started in 2018, we always had the dream to make a film. and like any other artistic work we make, we are seeking always to make arts with a message and that is what we are doing in "Taha". Our first film, the shooting shall start between May and June 2023, and the film shall be in special theatres summer 2023.


Written and directed by Tommy Sherif
The film is presenting a piece of the psychological state of a lot of refugees in Europe. Taha is An Egyptian refugee in the Netherlands who has lived hard traumatic events in Egypt, after a period of isolation he starts to get back in his life. Using the help of his Therapist Johan, he starts to explore life in the Netherlands and also meet up with Egyptians. he is trying to find answers of complicated questions he carry, trying to find his inner piece. 
In his journey in the Netherlands he meets with old friends, like Adam, Reda, Yusuf and Mohamed. people he met already on the way to the Netherlands. Getting back to friends he met in Egypt in the new ground makes him discover more about himself and about life.


Documentaries are another shade of storytelling, another mirror of life. Documentaries are the art of the direct reflection of life. 
"One idea can create many ideas"
In 999 Geen Dienst Studio, we try to represent some faces of life, directly, it can be harsh or dramatic like "Mr. Friday" or it can be a comedy like "An Islamist in Oegstgeest". Either way, there will always be a message to deliver.

El Hadj Jomaa's Boat - 2019

Ahmed Samir, the Egyptian TV presenter made a trip to the Netherlands to attend a conference to support Egyptian journalists. There he met with Dutch journalists, activists, and politicians. They expressed their opinion on the human rights violations taking place in Egypt.
He also met some people in the street who said their opinion also about what is happening in Egypt, interviewed some Arab refugees in the Netherlands; talked about their situation and the differences they found between their homelands and their new homes.
The film was presented by: Ahmed Samir
researchers: Rena Netjes, Ahmed Samir, and Tommy Sherif
Directed by: Tommy Sherif
Special thanks to the Rederij Lampedusa for their support.

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An Islamist in Oegstgeest

Oegstgeest is a village in the middle of the Netherlands, this village has a reputation of being a land of aristocratic and right wing class.
An Islamist ended up somehow to live in this village. This contradiction might give us a lot of answers about unspoken questions.
What does the word Islamist mean? Is there an artistic views within the Islamism? Can an Islamist find his way in a total liberalism world? and can that world find  harmony with him as well? 
In this documentary you will find answers to some of these questions. 
An Islamist in Oegstgeest
Directed by:
Tommy Sherif

The Seed - 2018

Ideas are like seeds, need to be planted in the right place, in the right time and need the right gardener to take care of this seed, so it can grow and get strong and produce more seeds.
same as Ideas...
The story of SVA  Stichting Vluchtelingen Ambassadeurs - the foundation of refugees ambassadors, is a big example of the seed that needed the right gardener to grow higher and create more ideas.

The Seed
Directed by:
Tommy Sherif