999 Geen Dienst Theater

"The Platform is for everyone" is a golden role we follow in our theater group; we always have open doors for new talent, to develop them and give them a platform to perform and express themselves.
"Art is a message" and that is our 2nd golden role, we always seek to make theater with a message, let people laugh, yes, but meaningful laugh. We might touch the audience's emotions and pains, however, we do that with a message. When you finish watching our plays, you will always have something to think about, and of course, we do that in a direct way, simple way, and interesting plot.
"Diverse creates harmony" the differences among humans are not to divide them, these differences or the diversity among us "humans" are there to connect us, to make us complete each other, not compete with each other. And the diversity we seek is not just the origin diversity, as we proudly have in our group people from more than 12 different origins and more than 5 continents. Also, we seek a diverse theater experience, therefore, we are doing our best to bring experienced artists side by side with inexperienced artists, so we can create some fine arts that will remain in the memory of the audience.

Niet Terug Naar Oegstgeest - 2021

Bartho Braat
Tommy Sherif

"Niet terug Naar Oegstgeest" is een kort spel. Bartho Braat werd geboren in Oegstgeest, hij vertrok toen hij nog jong was. En na vele jaren ontmoet hij "Tommy", de vreemde vluchteling artist, die Bartho terug wil brengen naar Oegstgeest.
De relatie tussen Bartho "The dutch artist" en Tommy "The vluchtelingen artist" brengt voor beiden veel verlichting. 

The Storyteller

Emile Jansen

The Storyteller is a story of a writer, who believe in the power of words. He believes that words can be the most powerful method to make a change in the world. 
Words can build worlds. 
The Storyteller is in one program with The Trend and 25/11. It's the link between both plays and the guide through the theatrical evening.
The Play will be performed together with our two short performances: The Storyteller and 25/11. In the period between 21 to 23 October in Amalyashi Leiden theater Festival. 
Friday - 21 October  in De Bakerij 
Oude Rijn 44A, 2312 HG Leiden 
Saturday - 22 October in Scheltema
Marktsteeg 1, 2312 CS Leiden
Sunday - 23 October in Het Gebouw
Arubapad 2, 2315 VA Leiden 

De Man - 2021

Tommy Sherif
Ahmed El Rasad
Vivianne Pieters
Elena Antoniou
& Adham Hasanin
Directed by: 
Tommy Sherif

Een reis van een mysterieuze man, die op een dag wakker wordt en zich niets van zijn leven herinnert. Hij weet niet wie hij is en wat hij in zijn vroegere leven deed.
Een reis om een verloren identiteit te vinden, zal hij het prettig vinden wat zal hij vinden? Zal hij zijn identiteit accepteren? Wat zou je doen als je die man was?

Off The Wall - 2021

Molly Ackerman
Kevin van der Meij
Neyruz Abou Jamra
Yara Joujak
& Reginald Jackson
Written by:
Tommy Sherif
Directed by: 
Arash Naraghi

A story of 4 friends facing the covid 19 pandemic. The story shows how they are influenced by the spreading news in the media and on the social media, all the circumstances keep on pulling them up and down, push them from side to side. Will they be able to keep it together or will they fall apart? 

I'm Not Zo Zielig - 2019

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Consent & Show

Tommy Sherif & Kevin van der Meij
Directed by:
Tommy Sherif
Assistant director: Lousia van der Meij
Assistant production manager: Abdul Rahman Fayad
Set designer: Abdullah Jabahji
"I'm not zo Zielig" is a journey of a refugee; starting from his struggling back home; searching for freedom, till he ends up in the Netherlands, where he has found something as hard as discrimination, the "Zo Zielig" treatment. If someone can take a journey of thousands of miles, breaking all the borders and the boundaries, then they don't need pity, they would need guidance, but not pity. Our refugee here is declaring "even when life is hard and difficult, there is always another side of the story, where there is hope and creativity."
I'm not Zo Zielig was played 21 times in Delft, Leiden, Oegstgeest, Rijnsburg and Amsterdam. 
The play got a 7.6 as an evaluation from the audience at "Delft Fringe Festival."

Ik en Ik - 2019

Ik & Ik, is a short play, the story is about two immigrants, one is a new refugee, and the other is a second generation refugee who arrived to the Netherlands when he was a kid, the new refugee is searching for a future and te new upcoming life while his friend is searching for his roots, they are both in the end searching for the same thing, a place to belong. 

Ik & Ik Starring:
Yamen Darwish
Nazer Al Fout
Jill Medina
Yusuf Suali
Chanique Lek